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We stand together from a place of love, wonder and silly fun as allies of young people, ages 8 to 12 to support their uniqueness within Web3 cooperative play. 

Our 2 Best Friends
Loveji is a tiny drop of Love and Hoshi is an itty bitty star. They love each other very much, like all best friends do.

Our friends live just to the left of the moon in a cradle of a thousand stars.

Meet Loveji

The tiny drop of love with a not-so-tiny heart

Meet Hoshi

The itty Bitty Star with Curly Points.

Tune In
Loveji & Hoshi have recently discovered how to access frequencies from all over the universe!

Tune in from whichever planet, galaxy, or star system you call home!
Our Friends realize that these frequencies can magically create digital treasures.

These delightful gifts from space are filled with the power to activate your imagination!
Collect all the pictures
To go along with those treasures, every week a different picture of Loveji and Hoshi is transmitted for that week. 

Each hand drawn picture carries in their eyes all the emotions: love, joy, fear, being mad, all the emotions that tell the story of who they are.
Tell the story of you
Bring together the treasures you have collected and fuse them together with your pictures of Loveji and Hoshi and create your own new Loveji or Hoshi. 

Join together your treasures and pictures that tell the unique story of you!

Come play, collect NTFs, and hang out with our two best friends, Loveji and Hoshi.  

Learn More

Thousands of unique variations to buy, trade, and collect!


Play Dates

Social Co-op

Discord Games ~ In Progress
Disco Bingo, Joy Jumping Music, It’s Okay to be Mad Meditations for the whole family
The Light Ray Wave Game ~ In Progress
A live social experience which allows us to connect to every single country in the world with a wave of Love!



Treasure Hunt

Loveji Character + Limited Edition Merch
A little drop of love.  Collect NFTs that express the playful, loving, joyful energy of Loveji.  Support the creators to tell more of the story.
The Shield of Light
Children create NFT artwork that is stitched together so that Hoshi is protected from the Boolean Monster.  



Help Loveji Find hOSHI

Starting this October🍂  
Go on weekly quests and join in the adventure

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Learn more about the faces behind the project

Ann Marie Martin

Founder, CEO

Story Teller, Founder and CEO Ann Marie has had many jobs that all lead to her meeting Loveji and helping Loveji tell her story. She has been a camp counselor, nanny, camp program director, film maker, story teller, finance director, warehouse manager and more!


Graphic Artist

Adelina is a senior graphic designer and illustrator. She designed all of the original artwork for Loveji and Hoshi in 2018. Today, she is working closely with the team to deliver brand new Loveji artwork!
She is an exceptionally wonderful artist that brought the story and the characters to life!



What began as a vision to implement Augmented Reality solutions into businesses, quickly evolved to focus on web 3.0, blockchain and 3D graphics development
livvinyl has assisted to build the website, NFT smart contracts, upcoming AR experiences and more!

David Monroy

Graphic Artist

David Monroe is a graduate of fiscal administration who is also passionate about illustrating (skills which he taught himself as a young child).

He is living proof that we must study what we are passionate about and not chase material wealth

David Winn


In his 20+ years of experience animating for cartoons, games,  David has served as lead animator, contributing writer, and voice actor for the character Lumpy on the hit internet cartoon series "Happy Tree Friends", Animation Director on a game for Nickelodeon's "Fairly Odd Parents", and a lead animator on Zynga's Facebook games "Petville" and Mafia Wars 2".

Lara Lyndy

Creative Director

Lara guided the creative process and creative vision for the Loveji and Hoshi images ensuring that each one uniquely conveyed the right emotion. She continues to lead the team in a consistent creative vision so that everyone who comes in contact with Loveji and Hoshi feels their love, joy and friendship right away.